UPVC French Door For your Home.

In the past, French doors were something that only the well-off could afford. This is because they consisted of high quality wood, many panels of glass that needed to be cut the perfect size (for the Georgian bar style) and the production was labor intensive and required a high amount of skill.

Due to an increase in technology and access to cheaper materials such as UPVC, French doors are now a luxury that many people can enjoy in their own homes. See more here: https://www.french-patiodoors.co.uk/french-doors/

The advantages that UVPC offers by using it in French doors is immense- longer life expectancy, durability, easy to clean, better insulation are just some of these advantages, not to mention that it is much cheaper than traditional wooden doors. This is because UPVC is molded from a machine so it reduces the amount of time and reduces the amount of money spent on labor.

UPVC French Door ManufacturingThe production process of UPVC French doors begins at a factory. The raw materials are fed into the machine, the composition of these materials depending on choice of the firm. The dimensions of the door are processed into a computer which then moulds the raw materials into the specified shape. Also, the glass that is going to be used is cut to the right shape- either a large sheet of glass or smaller segments for Georgian bar doors.

The next step involves giving the UVPC a coating not only to provide color but to protect it from damage. This is applied using either on a production line using a machine or manually with a worker using a spray gun. The coating is not regular paint but is specially made for application on UPVC products. Insulation materials are added in between the UVPC and all of the components are attached. The final product is inspected and given a final rating, depending on several criteria. If the product does not meet this criteria the product will not be sent on to be sold. The final product is then packaged and ready to be sold.

It is at this state that you or your builder purchases the product. Measurements are taken and the old door is removed or if there is no existing door, a new section is cut into the wall. The new doors are then positioned and fixed to the wall. Finally, all locks, bolts and handles are attached to the door. Now the project is complete. As you can see the process of manufacturing a UPVC French door is relatively simple.

Although it may vary slightly between different firms the overall ideas presented in this article are basically the same. The production of wooden French doors is more complicated and requires much more time, workers and skill to complete.

Also, it takes much more time to make a wooden French door that is of the same quality to a standard UPVC door. Check out this website for more information: https://www.french-patiodoors.co.uk/

UPVC French Door Manufacturing
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