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Voice Off - programmable audio alarm unit


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VoiceOff MK2 - programmable audio alarm unit with 20 alarm input triggers!
Accepts up to 20 alarm inputs
Powerful 10 watt Output

Sounds Stored On SD Card
Stores and Plays 9999 Sounds
Used With DVR as a Talkback Amp
RS232 Connection To PC Or DVR
Auto-Activated Using Alarm Inputs

Weatherproof IP65

The new VoiceOff MK2 is an alarm activated voice or sound warning unit that has 20 separate alarm inputs to trigger up to 20 different sound recording files and with the new added feature of an RS232 input can trigger up to 9999 sounds!

2 in 1 Design...

  1. 20 Alarm Input trigger 20 pre-recorded messages.
  2. Audio amplifier/loudspeaker for live talkback.

The VoiceOff has a powerful built in speaker housed in an attractive wall mount ABS case and looks equally at home indoors or out. It is weatherproof to IP65.

Alarm activations can be triggered from an internal or external PIR, break beam detectors, panic button, keyfob or from a DVR detecting video motion in a camera footage.

Voice warning messages can be downloaded or recorded yourself in a MP3 format onto a removable SD card stored in the VoiceOff unit and used to deter intruders or even welcome visitors. Similarly sound files such as a police siren or dog barking can be used to deter unwanted visitors in vulnerable areas. When used in conjunction with the alienDVR range, the VoiceOff can be activated remotely over the internet when a suspicious sighting has been made.

Audio amplifier/loudspeaker for live talkback.

Warn off intruders as soon as they are detected by using the VoiceOFF talkback amp with an alienDVR.

Connect the VoiceOFF to the alienDVR in the surveillance area. The CCTV operator can then talk back to a visitor on detection.

This feature can be used for security purposes to warn off an intruder for business and property management purposes by using it to communicate with a visitor. Councils use them for example to tell someone to pick up litter they have dropped or to warn them they are illegally parked. For the majority of businesses that are not manned 24/7, using this talkback feature gives the owner/manager an extra pair of eyes and voice even when they are not there. If an intruder breaks into the property or its perimeter during the night, they can be alerted by an alarm input such as a break beam detector and then "warn off" the intruder.


The VoiceOff can trigger up to a total of 9999 MP3 files. As explained earlier the first 20 files can be triggered on the PCB board but using an RS232 connection to a PC, a total of 9999 different MP3 files can be triggered.

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